No good film without good sound:

Not only the picture but also the sound is an important protagonist in the post-film production germany of a film. After all, the underlying sound has the task of intensifying or even creating moods, or linking sequences together. Existing sound recordings are adapted to the finished film scenes, or new recordings are subsequently recorded and inserted. In order to make everything sound real, the previously recorded ambient atmospheres are added. Certain sounds can also be isolated or amplified with the help of special software. When mixing the sounds, everything is finally trimmed to volume so that none of the tones are overdriven or cannot be heard. Music and voices off are now also superimposed on the film material. If necessary, audio effects are added.

At the end it gets nice – The colour correction

Colour correction, often referred to as colour grading, is the process of correctly matching dark and light scenes, for example by flattening intense colours, changing saturation, or highlighting colours that are present in the corporate CI as signal colours. Also, all scenes that have been created under different lighting conditions are matched to each other. Colour correction gives the film its final „look“.

This happens in the post-production of a film:

  • Viewing the raw material
  • Creation of the editing version(s) (different versions are often useful for distribution over different networks)
  • Selection of music, dubbing and sound design
  • Creation of additional animations and graphics and/or integration of already created animations and graphics
  • Coordination, change and acceptance loops between the client and the service provider
  • Colour correction
  • We made it! The film is finally finished and can be played out to the client. Afterwards it is up to him to market the film, to integrate it into an existing advertising campaign and to play it out to his target group on his homepage, social media channel and YouTube site.

You want to get an impression of how it works on the film set? With our Making Of video you can get an insight into our work: